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Goleta South from 1/1/15 to 3/14/15 compared to ’14 for the same period for Santa Barbara area

Submitted by Gary Woods on Wed, 03/25/2015 - 12:30

The Condo market for the Goleta Real Estate South area of Santa Barbara the numbers of properties available through 3/14/15 there have been 34 listings compared to 28 last year for a 21% rise. The escrows are up from 13 to 16 for a 23% change while the sales are down from 12 to 10 for a 16% change. The average sales price is up from $554,851 to $567,174 for a 2% rise.

For Home Estates in the Santa Barbara Real Estate area of Goleta Real Estate South through 3/14/15 there have 28 listings up from 26 for a 7% rise. The numbers of escrows are up from 11 to 17 for a 54% rise while the sales are up with 11 this year compared to 9 last year for a 22% decline and the average sales price is down from $811,567 to $783,500 for a 3% decline.

Through 3/14/15 for the PUD market there have 7 listings this year compared to 1 last year. Last year there were 0 escrows compared to 5 this year and the sales are even from 0 last year to 3 this year. Those sales last year had an average sales price of $0 and the sales this year had an average sales price of $991,200 for no change.